My Story—Paul Gurung

Paul Gurung

A humanitarian from the womb of Ruby Valley (a very new destination recently open for outsiders) holding ties with National and International Organizations for innovation in tourism & uplifting the rural community of Nepal. No doubt Mr. Paul Gurung had a vision of wisdom for his career and giving back to society. Rome wasn’t built in one day and so wasn’t the Discovery World Trekking what it is today. His leadership has inspired 1000s of youth and people around him to create this world a better place.

Paul Gurung from his early childhood.

It all started as an American Dream. Mr. Gurung comes from a family background of Gurkha (His Grandfather was a British Army) and father, who was a farmer. His mother used to teach him the jewels of living in containment, and he also had a younger brother who used to look up to his elder brother as an inspiration. Raised by a hardworking father and caring mother, he was always surrounded by a positive aura.

Mr. Gurung’s Early Life

He barely had anything to start with but dreams. He was deprived of many things that today’s generation would take for granted. Despite being from the remote village of Chalish, he could see through brighter sides of his actions. At his times in the village, people in the community fully relied on natural resources and cultivation for their livelihood. He had faith in education and was ready to sacrifice anything that comes between for it. He used to walk 2 hours barefoot to attend the nearest school to his village. As quoted by Criss Jami, “Easily mistaken, it is not about love for adversity. It is about knowing the strength and faith so great that adversity, in all it’s adverse manifestation hardly even exists,” Mr. Gurung’s motive was no different.

Growing up in a village with no electricity and hardly any infrastructure, it wasn’t easy to uplift the community. To him, poured by his family, Three “Hs” were really important: Honesty, hard work, and humbleness. It’s something that he learned in his very childhood and pursued his higher education in Kathmandu in the early 1990s to explore more about life and making the world a better place for the next generation.

He used to give hands in all kinds of household work. Raising cattle, farming, and collecting wood was part of his daily routine. Before his higher education, he had already worked as Porter and Guide as a hobby. During his higher education, he continued going back to his village and worked as a porter around Manaslu and Langtang trails initially, and later, he covered almost every trail of Nepal. Being a nature lover, he understood the essence of tourism in Nepal and decided to contribute his part in the field of hospitality. After a handful of years of experience in different agencies, he was set to go above the charts, as we see today.

A group picture of Mr. Gurung with his clients whom he was leading while working as Trek Guide.

With great charismatic energy, he was always eager to help others. While he did the job of porter in the trails of white mountains like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, and almost everywhere in Nepal, he used to lead travelers and 100s of trekkers from all over the world. He developed an attitude of never giving up,  always pushed his buttons very often. He was flooded with cultural exchange and different prospective meetings with different people and couldn’t wait any longer. As all travelers come with their happy faces and generally are very generous when they are traveling, Mr. Gurung was lured by the beauty of hospitality. Life wasn’t like it seems, but he was on a path of achieving the unachievable.

Mr. Gurung as Chef in Victoria Melbourne, Australia

going through all these phases of life, it was time to push buttons. Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment and that was echoing in Mr. Gurung’s mind. He decided to move to Australia to learn Culinary Arts. He also learned western culture and casinos in that period of time. His gratitude towards hospitality had already been born when he was Guiding people in the mountains of Nepal but it never turned into vanity.

Foundation of Discovery World Trekking

The idea of a Tour Company was initiated by Mr. Paul Gurung in the late 1990s where he experienced the hurdles that were lacking in the tourism of Nepal. He could feel the lack of proper management and infrastructure which were pulling the Hospitality industry of Nepal behind its true potential. He never wished for fortune, rather he was the person who believed in the true motive behind the service and appreciated the honesty by-product of his hard work and quality of life. While he was in Australia, he worked as a professional chef in most cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and many more.

Outdoor activities in Grampians National Park, Victoria Australia

As per his past experiences, he also engaged himself with Trekking/ Expedition agencies doing Rock Climbing, hiking, rafting, etc to explore everything that he could. Hard Work pays off, it really does.

Mr. Gurung with his mate Adrian in Grampians National Park, Victoria Australia

Mr. Gurung being a former Trek Leader himself, used to participate in outdoor activities himself. He and his mate Adrian used to go/hiking/ rock climbing in Grampians National Park as you see in the picture. He used to surround himself with experienced travelers, business owners, and often invite most of them for curry night.

Mr. Gurung’s Idea for implementation

There’s a difference between service and quality service. Working with legendary climbers and trekkers from all over the world, he accumulated the very fundamentals of Tourism and Hospitality. He also traveled across Europe to learn the culture and perspective of people all around the world. From the very beginning, he knew unless he became a Global Citizen he couldn’t relate or provide the fullest satisfaction to the Customers. Mr. Gurung, today has friends and family all around the world. He believes and quotes, “Happiness is the key”. Today Discovery World Trekking is one of the leading Trekking/Expedition Company of Nepal and he pours all credit to his DWT family and the family he made in the journey with the DWT.

In the early days, when the idea of a Tour Company in Nepal was initiated, it wasn’t just out of the blue. Mr. Gurung, who always believed in education and knowledge as wisdom. He strongly focused on strategic management, well-planned chronology, and quality of service.

Mr. Gurung after curry night, weekly discussions on Future of DWT

Before anything, Mr. Gurung was always eager to understand the fundamentals of Starting a Travel Agency. He used to invite travel experts, professional climbers, and people in the Tourism industry for curry night very often when he was in Victoria Australia. He used to cook himself as a little effort for generosity.

Mr. Gurung During Tourism Year 2011 representing Discovery World Trekking

In the late 2000s, he came back to Nepal with a handful of experience in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry and many more. By that time, he had experienced the culture of all backgrounds of people in the world. It was an era of legend without any internet booming. 100s of Legendary Trekkers/Climbers had come to Nepal to experience the beauty of the amazing landscape.

He with his DWT team as a family helped trekkers from America, Australia, England, Canada, Europe, and Asia to achieve their dream to the adventurous peaks of Nepal in the late 2000s which helped to grow Discovery World Trekking in the early years. Call it a God Grace or hard work of Mr. Gurung who poured his 24 hours into the future of the Hospitality Industry in Nepal. Mr. Gurung had a very different idea of Tourism, raised in the mountains of Nepal, He strongly believed in “Atithi Devo Bhava”. To him, every guest was a part of his family.

Paul Gurung With Clients

To make them cozy he was always generous about helping valuable clients with anything they needed. Frequent Communication with valuable clients during their trek was a part of his diet to bring a smile to his Guest’s Face. Money was the last thing when it came to the business style of Mr. Gurung. He believed and still does that money or materialism can’t buy happiness. His motto was to see clients be happy and satisfied with all means possible. He used to work 15 hours a day very often to make valuable clients comfortable and help them with their plans with his team.

The aura created by Mr. Gurung among High profile clients like professional climbers, Celebrities, Athletes was astonishing by the Service quality and Hospitality. He also engaged himself with Discovery helping them with their research and journey. As History speaks for itself, 100s of Travelers and climbers have given their feedback and experience with Mr. Gurung’s Hospitality in TripAdvisor, Google, and in many places where today’s world looks for validity.


DWT’s Outreach Programs

Salutary aid in Village of Chalish by Helicopter during an earthquake

As he always believed in giving back to society, his ties with national and international NGOs got attention to his village of chalish. Outreached funds initiated by Discovery World Trekking started contributing from the very beginning. The company stepped forward to contribute to education and health. A certain % of profits from the Company still directly go to rural parts of the Nation. Read more about DWT outreach funds here.

He also believed in giving back to society and actively made progress in Outreach funds helping the rural village of chalish.

Aid During Earthquake in Nepal

Social Giveaways like Discovery World Trekking Outreach Fund initiated Educational and Basic needs giveaway in 2013 and 2014, Digital Transformation in the village of Chalise in 2015 & The Earthquake relief program was also brought to Chalish village of Ruby Valley. Read more about CSR here.

A Group Picture of Mr. Gurug with children in an orphanage.

We believe in supporting NGOs who serve senior citizens, orphans, and women who are unable to have basic needs. There have been several events where DWT has Contributed so many ideologies which leads the world to be a better place.


DWT with Mr. Gurung’s Leadership

Picture of Mr. Gurung

Today, Discovery World Trekking is not just a business in the Travel Industry. The environment created by Mr. Gurung has made this company a family from the very beginning. As his quote says “Only a happy person can make others happy”. It’s true and very alive to this date. As Mr. Gurung says, he has three families in his life. Being a team leader, for him, the three kinds of family, his family at home, his crew, and his clients are the motivation for the world to become a better place. He does everything to ensure everyone he works with is happy as he always says ‘“Happiness is the key”, Only happy people can make others happy.’

DWT believes betterment enrolls inside -out to ensure always a pleasant working environment in-between staff and to motivate them higher. we make sure perfect communication fluency so our client’s satisfaction is never compromised during the time of inquiry to services. Our key to providing quality service & successful operation is our good teamwork as we believe team effort is what makes us strong and reliable for the livelong venture of Discovery World Trekking.